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Welcome to Varlack Ventures, Inc., a second generation family owned and operated business located in the center of Cruz Bay on the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands.

Varlack Ventures is locally owned and operated by three generations.


Some members of the Varlack family handle the ticket sales, work in rentals, in the office and on the vessels as Captain and crew. Cultivating and maintaining its true culture, Varlack Ventures', Inc. clan extends beyond blood as the bond between the Varlack employees, family and non-family, is strong and loyal. The services offered by Varlack Ventures are aimed at attending to the transportation needs of our local people and visitors of St. John by providing  car rentals and ferry services. 


Our History.

HISTORY OF VARLACK VENTURES, INC... Rodney Varlack, patriarch and founder of Varlack Ventures, Inc. began his career in the 50s as the first to manage the sole gas station on the island, the still operating Texaco Station.

In the 60s Rodney, a mechanic, designer and a man always full of new ideas, launched his first business "Enighed Enterprise" whereby he designed and built the island's first truck conversioned safari bus.



 These island adapted vehicles were sold to such companies as the VI Taxi Association, the Windward Passage,Tropic Tours and the School Bus Transfers of St. John. Many of his original designs are still operating on the island and the Varlack family still own & operate all the island's school buses.


The Varlack vehicle rental service has also grown immensely with vehicles that accommodate 1 to 7 passengers that are comfortable and reliable for the island's terrain.  Our founder, Mr. Rodney Varlack, is no longer with us ; but has paved the way for us to continue his legacy for generations to  come!

In the 70's Enighed Enterprise evolved into Tropical Motors through which the island's demand for jeeps and utility trucks was filled and keeping 2 cars for the company the Varlack rental fleet began.

Tourists were now starting to find their way to St. John. Rodney always seemed to know what he should do next. He expanded his services and moved into escorting St. John guests around the island, showing them the sights, telling them of the history and regaling them with local folklore and anecdotes.

As the number of visitors grew in the 70s transportation to and from the island was becoming fiercely competitive. Companies were battling for the lead. This "war" created great inconvenience to independents who were trying to provide their public with a reliable service. Frustrated by long delays and determined to transport his people to and from St. John in a timely and comfortable manner, Rodney Varlack stepped forward again and jumped right into the melee. He bought his own ferry, the Mein Kapitan! Rivalry in the ferry business was strong but with his second boat, the Cindy D, and a franchise for ferry service, the Varlack concern started to thrive.

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